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So I installed Ascendo Money (3.2.0) on my desktop - Easy enough to set up ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Ascendo Money Questions


    So I installed Ascendo Money (3.2.0) on my desktop - Easy enough to set up new accounts but when I import .csv files to add to an account set up, i see nothing happening - the transctions dont show up and the balance doesnt change - I wanted to try it on the desktop before I install to the Blackberry and, so far, not so good - any ideas of what I could be doing wrong????

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    Do you think that maybe it's the type of file you are using? I normally save and import a qif file to the desktop part of ascendo and then sync it to ascendo on my blackberry and it works out pretty well. After I sync my data to my BB I don't touch the desktop again because, honestly, I've never been a fan of the desktop part of ascendo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by terrapin View Post
    when I import .csv files to add to an account set up, i see nothing happening... any ideas of what I could be doing wrong????
    Hi Terrapin,

    Here are some things to try;
    - Verify that you have highlighted the account you wish to import to in the Accounts panel.
    - After importing, set the Data filter to "All" in the Register panel.
    - Select "All Transactions" in the CSV import dialogue window.

    If these suggestions don't work, please email

    Ascendo Money

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    I am a new subscriber to Pinstack and wondered whether I must start a new thread or reply to an existing one...
    so if I made the wrong choice just overlook my mistake please?
    I have purchased Ascendo Money (AM) now more than 2 months ago and thought it must be brilliant, stable and very reliable software, considering the reviews I read. However that is just not the case with me and I am actually very sorry I purchased it at all.
    My problem is not with the installation of the software or the entering of the key or any related things, but it is
    in fact with the operation of the software itself. The program just doesn't do what it promised it will.

    I bought AM to be able to keep track of my expenses category wise, which this program is supposed to do with ease. however if I enter transactions and select a category for it the budget function does not pick the transaction up at all and therefore I cannot rack my expenses for that category. It is very frustrating, because I bought AM for budgeting purposes and the software is useless to me now,

    Any assistance would be much appreciated, because for some reason my support from AM customer care dried out now, evne after resending multiple times,

    I would NOT recommend this software to anyone, not even my enemies.


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    Welcome to PinStack, venterea!

    Sorry to hear you are have issues with Ascendo. I hope you are able to resolve them here or through the company.

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