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We recently released Version 3 of our diet & exercise manager for BlackBerry. Ascendo Fitness ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Lightbulb Ascendo Fitness Version 3


    We recently released Version 3 of our diet & exercise manager for BlackBerry. Ascendo Fitness allows you to track nutrition & exercise, set goals, measure your progress and calculate several fitness ratios.

    Features & Improvements:
    - Track nutrition and exercise on BlackBerry, display graphs of progress, see below.
    - Desktop companion, nutrition database synchronization with BlackBerry.
    - Nutrition database on Desktop includes 7293 items from the most recent version of the USDA Nutrient Database Standard Reference (SR-19).
    - Nutrition items contain values for Calories, Proteins, Total Fats, Fiber, Sugar, Sodium, Saturated Fats, Monounsaturated Fats, Polyunsaturated Fats & Cholesterol.
    - Import & export nutrition items, exchange food lists with others.
    - Track daily exercises by selecting from an extensive database of endurance exercises (running, swimming, biking, etc.), sports (tennis, golf, soccer, etc.) and household activities (raking, shoveling snow, etc.), 277 in all.
    - Record daily work-outs using a database of over 100 strength training exercises such as crunches, curls, push-ups, etc.
    - Daily Nutrition Totals, Daily Net Calories, BMI, BMR, Body Fat %, Copy Daily Entries and lots more...

    For complete description and download, click here.


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    Re: Ascendo Fitness Version 3

    ~via BB (! I love it!

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    Re: Ascendo Fitness, Version 3, New Releases

    We have posted several new releases of Ascendo Fitness, Diet and Exercise Assistant for BlackBerry, since announcing the launch of Version 3. See below for a list of improvements.

    Click here for a complete product description or to download Ascendo Fitness with free trial period.

    Version 3.5
    • Numerous layout and navigation enhancements to Nutrition Type Form and Nutrition List Table on Desktop.
    • Improved New Nutrition Type feature so that nutrient values can be entered directly from a package label and Fitness will convert to 100 gram equivalents in order to maintain consistency with other nutrition items in USDA database.
    • Deleting Nutrition Type now deletes associated daily entries. This resolves the "Exception 1043>=1013" error message.
    • Improved application icon on BlackBerry and Desktop.
    Version 3.4
    • Enhanced Copy Daily Entries feature to allow user to select entries from past and future dates and copy to any date.
    • Improved Daily Net Calories screen labels. Added date to screen header.
    • Fixed issue provoking "Exception -29<0" error message. Occurred when Daily Totals feature accessed daily entries for New Nutrition Types.
    • Desktop Help menu option now opens browser FAQ page with link to user guide.
    Version 3.3
    • Several improvement to form handling on Desktop including fewer confirmation alerts and screen refreshes.
    • Made Nutrition Description field editable on Fitness Desktop.
    • Simplified synchronization between BlackBerry and Desktop.
    Version 3.2
    • Added 120 new exercises bringing the total to 337.
    • Simplified adding a New Exercise.
    • Added Previous/Next (day) menu options to Copy Daily Entries screen.
    • Implemented work-around for bug in the JVM of 8800/8100 series handsets so that user selections are made using drop-down lists instead of radio buttons.
    • Improved Daily Net Calories screen by adding date display and rounding to whole calories.
    • Added Previous/Next (day) menu options to Daily Net Calories screen.
    • Corrected add nutrition type on Fitness Desktop so that default values are set to blank or zero.
    • Improved progress bar when initializing databases on Fitness Desktop.
    • Improved edit nutrition type form on Fitness Desktop.
    • Added several sections and updates to user guide.
    Version 3.1
    • Changed exercise duration field to increments of 1 minute instead of 15 minute intervals.
    • Added 1 decimal place to daily weight entries.
    • Corrected bugs in daily calorie intake and calories burned graphs.
    • Improved synchronization options.
    • Improved performance of synchronization process.
    • Implemented "More Information" option to About Screen on BlackBerry that opens browser and goes to Ascendo.
    • Improved Fitness Desktop nutrition type editing.
    • Corrected bug on Fitness Desktop that displayed a "Runtime Error: 9" message box.
    • Corrections and improvements to screen text, ie changed "BMI" to "Body Mass Index".

    Ascendo Inc.
    Ascendo Fitness - Diet & Exercise Assistant for BlackBerry

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    Re: Ascendo Fitness Version 3

    I purchased Ascendo Fitness for $ 29.95 and I can not understand it for the life of me. There is no preloaded information on food, for example, no matter what food I type in, it comes up with not found. I'd appreciate some help on what I'm doing wrong, cuz I'm not impressed and I feel like I got ripped off at this point.

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    Re: Ascendo Fitness Version 3

    ~via BB (
    I thought it came with a 30 day trial? Check their website there's support contact on there.


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    Re: Ascendo Fitness Version 3

    Just check out this link and the rest on the site. It's very, very useful and great info.
    Bob Garon II, Kettlebell Coach

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