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I am looking for an app that can track how much time I spend doing ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Application/Time Tracking Software for BB


    I am looking for an app that can track how much time I spend doing different things like checking email making calls or surfing the internet. A desktop example would be something like manic timer. It would be nice for it to be detailed, ie. who I called and how long I was on the phone with them. How long i looked at each email from who, etc.

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    ask me
    I vaguely recall a very detailed usage tracking app on SOME forum...

    The app did extensive tracking for practically everything you do (minus your breathing)...

    I'm sure it was a commercial app... Gimme a few hours (to get to my laptop at home) and I should be able to report back with a link...

    I remember reading the description etc n being amazed, and it totally fits your requirements...

    Be bak in a few hrs...
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    Did you ever figure out the name of that app? I'm not to worried about I tacking time on the net and email but an easy app to track design time and phone calls (auto) based on settings to a caller would be very nice... and if it was smart enougt to know how long I spent on an email and charge it that person all the beter better I would like it to have an easy start stop and project selection and even more... email the results when I choose the projects so they can be billed.

    Thank you
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    Call Tracking Program

    checkout momentum by redwood technologies. It is only for phone calls, but it allows you to set a specific contact list and track all calls for that list. then gives you the option of emailing detail to yourself and or the contact/client. Unfortunately it is only for call tracking...

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    Checkout BizTrackit as it has options for billable time and projects. Also when you submit your time, it will send it as email and can be opened in your spreadsheet software. It is not integrated with the BB functions though (no phone and email tracking automatically).

    I find it useful to keep track of my time when I'm working if needed.
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    call and activity tracking software for BlackBerry


    I will be very upfront and say I run the company that offers "momentem", an award-winning and really popular call tagger and time tracker app for BlackBerry. There's a completely free version on BlackBerry App World and you can find out everything you need to know at our website momentem . net

    On that website you can see some amazing reviews from real users of the system.

    Dont hesitate to fill in a contact form at our website and we can help you.

    This post is not a sales gimmick, I just saw that you were looking and I wanted to help you.

    Our app is FREE (well, the basic version is anyway) so why not give it a shot. The unique piece of it is the ability to tag calls and emails within a couple of key clicks.



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