I didn't see it mentioned on the site, but found it on Google looking for AIM programs. They list it as only working with older BB's running 4.0+

I have not tried this so, anyone that tries it out, or has in the past, let us know how you like/dislike it.

http://bbsync.aol.com/ (requires AOL username/password)
direct link to download: http://aolsync.aol.com/bbaolsync_1.0.02.02.zip

With AOL Sync for BlackBerry you can synchronize your AOL information with your BlackBerry, so you always have your latest information with you no matter where you are.

Supported Features:

Address Book (2-way)

* First name
* Last name
* Phone(s)
* Email(s)
* Work address
* Home address
* Notes

Calendar (2-way)

* Events
* Subject (Title)
* Notes
* Duration
* Reminders
* Multiple Calendars
* Shared Calendars

Manually Save Username/Password

Supported Models and Software
Carrier BlackBerry Model OS
AT&T/Cingular 7280, 7290, 7780
T-Mobile 7100t
Nextel 7520