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I use a combination of free Avira and Spybot Search and Destroy. I think its ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    I use a combination of free Avira and Spybot Search and Destroy. I think its the best combination to have in your computer without taking much resources. - A huge directory of free Blackberry software.

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    Quote Originally Posted by volscian View Post
    although anti virus for bb may become necessary one day soon, especially with all the 3rd party software coming out nowadays...
    Despite popular belief, there's actually quite a few viruses for mobile devices out there, however most of them have been "proof-of-concept" (ie. Look what we can do/look what's theoretically possible!) viruses, stored at secure locations (eg. Symantec Security's Labs) - only 2 or 3 have ever made it into the "wild" (the public), though these have been for another operating system (Symbian OS)...

    It is expected that this will change in the medium-term future though, for (one of) the same reason that Microsoft Windows-based operating systems are such a target - because there's so many people using them!

    In a way, devices like the BlackBerry and the Apple iPhone are a curse because they will get more people using smartphones, and the more people that are using smartphones, the more likely viruses are to become commonplace...

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    I used to use AVG, but this last version 8 seems a bit bloated to me now. Too many scans going on at one time, especially when you're on the web. I've moved to AntiVir and it seems pretty good so far.

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    Right on cyba. I know they did a special on the news couple years back when windows mobile started becoming popular, and they've always said don't do stuff like banking and buying online with your phone for reasons of quite untracable viruses and stuff for mobile.~via BB (

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