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Originally Posted by mrmoe Android and BlackBerry? = Open and Closed AndroidBerry? = Would strike ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrmoe View Post
    Android and BlackBerry? = Open and Closed

    AndroidBerry? = Would strike down upon the with great vengeance and fury.


    AndroidBerry? = And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my Blackberry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thyth View Post
    Android seems like an interesting platform, and the time investment to create a runtime environment for the BlackBerry might be worthwhile. Such a project might even catch the favorable attention of RIM, Google, and the Open Handset Alliance.
    ^^ THIS
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    Quote Originally Posted by CybaCowboy View Post
    As I understand it, Google's upcoming "Android" operating system is a Linux operating system, running Java-based applications...

    Research in Motion's (RIM) current BlackBerry OS operating system on the other hand, is entirely Java-based, from the operating system to its applications.
    It is possible to run a linux on a ARM based CPU - PXA9xx (8700 series/7130), then all we have to do, is just find/write drives which might be breakpoint of the project (if it could be a project...), but it is POSSIBLE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thyth View Post
    It might be a fun project to try, and I might give it a shot.
    Any progress on this?

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    Well, Google only released source code to Android a bit over a month ago. I have been too busy to look at it yet. I did read the documentation on the internal operations of the Dalvik VM, so I have a better idea of what to look for in the source.

    I have a good block of free(r)(ish) time coming up in a couple of weeks, and I plan to investigate the Android source more closely more closely. It's a pretty large porting initiative, and I might aim for a simpler deliverable (like porting the WebKit rendering engine and writing a new browser) before writing a complete Android virtualizer.

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    I'm wondering.... If this could work, would the run time be faster on a bold or a storm? I ask cause I got a storm lol. ~via BB (

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    Quote Originally Posted by CybaCowboy View Post
    Gotta strongly disagree with you here.

    Most people don't realize it, but the "back-end" systems of most large companies including Internet & telecommunications providers, Governments, multimedia networks (including television and radio providers) and even major retail chains are almost always Linux-powered.

    I hate to burst your bubble, but Telecom still runs on UNIX, the beautiful, secure, Parent to Linux. I've seen kids come through and try to convince the big boys to change, but deployment is crazy to try. Unless it's a young company, you'll see a UNIX backbone, and an MS front-end for the office.

    The blackberry on it's own is damn close to Android 0.8. We will see it ported over, but I think we're a long time off RIM supporting a handheld with it pre-loaded out of the box. I think you'll see RIM putting a LOT of effort into making their OS prettier, and easier to navigate VERY soon though. With the Palm PRE, the iPhone, and Android flying out onto the market, they'll need more than a corperate market to stay in business. And they are already doing a great job of putting out new flashy devices that appeal to more mainstream consumers. It's only a matter of time! And short time I'd bet!

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