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    by Nate Swanner at SlashGear

    With the announcement that 1Password had re-dedicated themselves ...
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    From the Xperia Blog

    Sony Mobile has launched a new camera app called “Live on YouTube – by Xperia“. As the ...
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    by Florin T at Phone Arena

    Micromax, one of India’s largest smartphone makers, today announced its very first ...
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    from GSMArena

    Last week, the OnePlus One should have started shipping to the first people who ...
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    JACK OHMAN / Tribune Media Services
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    While you’re in Brazil watching footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, a drone may be watching you.

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    The most promising title we saw at E3

    This year’s E3 generated a huge number of exciting announcements and jaw-dropping reveals. ...
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    Audubon Nature California

    When not tethered to my computer, I like to spend time hiking around the beautiful natural ...
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    Facebook Messenger

    The Facebook Messenger app for Windows Phone has been updated alongside the clients for ...
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    Aereo (beta)

    [Price: Free]
    First up in our trending applications this week is Aereo. You may already know this app
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    GARY MCCOY / Cagle Cartoons
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    Tempting. Very tempting.
    Photo by John Moore/Getty Images
    Pretty much any device that can connect to the Internet ...
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    Evernote and Feedly—the popular note-taking app and RSS reader respectively—were both down for many hours on Wednesday ...
    by  - Published on 06-13-2014 05:55 PM  Number of Views: 244 

    A new flagship tablet gives consumers yet another option from Samsung. But is that a good thing?

    Pic: ...


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    MIKE KEEFE / Cagle Cartoons
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    by Jacob Siegal at BGR

    Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, is one of the most impressive ...
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    by Aryan at TechNodify

    Micromax has scheduled a Press Event on June 16th, where it will be launching ...
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    by Alan F. at Phone Arena

    According to the Taiwan based handset supply chain, LG is expected ...