• PapaMag's Theme Builder 6 Beta Review

    I have been putting some time into the Beta version of Theme Builder 6.0 Beta, and I find that things are getting easier all the time. I am however a bit disappointed that I don't see many themes for the device here on PinStack or anywhere for that matter

    I have a Developer's account with MobiHand, and was checking things out there, but could only locate 53 Torch Themes. The Pro's that I have discovered is that there is alot of people looking and wanting something new, and even willing to pay for them.

    As for Creating and publishing 9800 Torch themes, they are very labor intensive and hard to keep a good flow from screen to screen. I have been told by some theme developers that they have no intentions of even messing with the 9800 Torch themes.

    I personally do not have a Torch, sporting a Bold myself. If and when BlackBerry decides to release an official version of Theme Builder 6.0 with the capabilities of creating other 6.0 OS themes as well, I think my time learning and playing with the Torch themes will become very valuable to me.

    Just a little spin and observation from CMangum here at the Stack
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    1. Havoc65's Avatar
      i just seem to be having to many problems with the beta version of TB 6 especially with the premium theme that i've been working on it seems to me that tb6 is still incomplete with what it is supposed to do with the torch such as for one instance the landscape doesnt work right as in adding an svg to it don't work and if you do add an svg you can't get rid of it so now your stuck and have to start the theme all over which is very frustrating.

      so this might be the case why others are tired of jacking with it until it does grow up and come out of beta, course this is just one instance but i still mess with it just don't want to put out an incomplete premium theme
    1. PapaMag's Avatar
      I have yet to get an SVG to work, which kinda spoils things for me and the end user, If you uncheck the auto landscape button at the top and do them individually the landscape seems to work just fine. Unfortunately it also compounds the work and time involved. Maybe someday some eh.
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