• BB10 101:How to Side-load Android Apps

    I´ve taken this interesting 101 from N4BB (thanks to Lucas Atkins!). For those of you who will get a Z10 and will want to download Android apps from Google Play. Do bookmark this article for future reference.

    This guide will walk you through side-loading Android apps onto BlackBerry 10 using a Windows PC. Side-loading Android apps on BlackBerry 10 is just as easy as it was on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

    Step 1

    You must install the appropriate version of Java JRE:
    Download JRE for Windows 32 Here
    Download JRE for Windows 64 Here

    Step 2

    Download and install DDPB

    Download the DDPB installer here.

    Step 3

    Once DDPB is installed, follow the instructions below:

    1. On your BlackBerry 10 device, go to Settings by swiping down from top on Home Screen
    2. Go into Security and Privacy > Development Mode
    3. Switch on ‘Use Development Mode’. If your phone doesn’t have a password lock, enter any password when prompted. E.g. your name (Not 123, abc etc)
    4. Now go back to Settings > About & choose Network category from the slide-down menu
    5. Note IPv4 number E.g.
    6. Now run DDPB Installer on PC & enter the IPv4 number into ‘PlayBook IP Adress’ space along with device password you entered on BB10 device
    7. Click ‘Connect’ & your phone will be connected to DDPB Installer, If any error prompts, re-check the IP entered
    8. Now click on Add & choose the converted Android files downloaded. Check the appstick mark in listing window & click Install
    9. A new window pops-up showing process & once its done you will have the Android apps installed on BB10
    10. Now go back into Security and Privacy > Development Mode & turn off development mode. Remove password if you don’t want any from Security and Privacy > Device Password

    After successfully following these steps you should have installed the Android app. DDPB should have notified you it was successfully installed, but check to see if the app now displays.
    Pro tip: you can’t install Android .apk files directly. You must convert them to a .BAR file. This can be done online for free using http://apk2bar.unker.net/

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    1. GNoteUser's Avatar
      Im actually almost tempted to get a new BB, this makes it even more so tempting. Just want to see how the new devices do on the market. I honestly believe RIM will not make it through this year and will be bought out.
    1. RogerG's Avatar
      I certainly wouldn't spend the 800-1000.00 people are asking for this device right now, though.
    1. richmo58's Avatar
      I agree with both of your comments so far: it is tempting, but the price is ridiculous. I'm sure that will change once March hits and it becomes generally available in the US.

      The Android angle is most interesting. I'm curious to see what Android apps work on the Z/Q10 and how they perform. Will an application have to be "generic", or will it be able to take advantage of the capabilities of the device? That is, if I bring over an Android app that uses the GPS, or dials the phone, or sends a message, will it work on the BB?

      If, lets say, the overwhelming majority of Android apps work on the BB, and work well (I have my doubts that will be the case), wouldn't it make sense for BB to internalize the process described above and provide such a tool with the phone? They could argue their device gives you all of BB, plus a lot of Android. Seems like it could be a big selling point...especially to those that correctly argue there's a lack of apps for the BB. And wouldn't it be nice if there was a BB interface to the Google Play store itself?
    1. jfcooley's Avatar
    1. Delfim's Avatar
      Having had the Z10, and seen the apps available for porting from Google Play, Jay´s link, above, mirrors the exact reason why I stated, no thank-you. Porting from Android is NOT ACCEPTABLE, both for the way of quality and the way they function on BB10. It´s phhtttt...meh!
      Firstly, a user on the Z10, one that went back to BB from either Android or iOS will know how the apps functions on these platforms. When he sees what these apps do on BB10, he´s going to be greatly disappointed.
      And he´ll blame someone. And that, rightly, will be BlackBerry.
      Unless they willingly will accept the low, cheap quality apps. I doubt it. They´ll switch back to what they had.
    1. Kdaddy's Avatar
      I have learned a new term today and I must find what it means.....phhttt...meh. I looked it up and it said "Our women got more than zero". I have learned more from Del than from my own father! Love Pinstack....
    1. Delfim's Avatar
      Geez, I didn't know that! We must thank Jay!
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