• HP to Release 5.0 Inch Touchscreen Palm "Mansion" - Rumor

    But We'll Leave it as a Rumor For a While . . .

    In an unsubstantiated story (citing no sources), Mobiledia is reporting the existence of a 5" Touchscreen device coming very early 2011 from HP, the Palm "Mansion".

    Usually Mobiedia is very reliable, however we will keep this "announcement" in the Rumor department for the time being until we see more substantiated information. However, the thought of a Palm 5" Touchscreen running their new webOS 2.0 is pretty exciting - as a matter of fact, any touchscreen from Palm is a step in the right direction - makes it worthy of a mention.

    The article states that webOS 2.0 is:
    the first smartphone operating system to be based on Linux. It has been garnering good reviews and may be a selling point for the new lineup of Palm devices, which the company hopes can propel it to its former top perch in the handheld device market it helped to pioneer.
    Whereas we know that Nokia has been using the Linux distro MeeGo for a while, and also Google's immensely successful Android OS is also an open-source Linux distribution. With that in mind, I guess we shouldn't hang our hat on the research - - [grin]

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