• Huh?? Wha?? T-Mobile selling iPhone Accessories?!?

    If you are really interested in getting in on rumors, here's a possible juicy tidbit: according to our constant companions and compatriots TMONews, T-Mobile has begun selling the 30-pin Docking Cable that works with the iPad, iPod, and iPhone (henceforth referred to as iThings). Big Grey and Pink counters that their network supports unlocked iPhones, so it makes sense to sell a part that costs .49 to manufacture, and turn around and sell it for $39.95. (!)

    However, this does leave several rumor possibilities open. Now, friends, if you just went out and got that new G2, don't go back and trade it in based on a silly rumor! However, the presence of this accessory in a Tmo storefront gives rise to these possibilities:
    • T-Mobile will start selling the iPhone. May not be as crazy as it sounds - they are a GSM network and share towers with AT&T, and they already sell iPhones in Europe!

    • T-Mobile will start selling the iPod. Naw, I don't even buy that one

    • T-Mobile will start selling the iPad. A possibility - Verizon and AT&T already have it, why not T-Mobile?

    • T-Mobile and AT&T are Merging. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

    And finally . . . .
    • Santa Claus is Real!! (Sorry, had to throw that one in . . .)

    Well, whatever the story Tmo needs to "Start 'Splainin'"!!

    Source TmoNews

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    1. raton's Avatar
      We all know Tmobile users have been using iPhones for the longest...makes a lot a sense for Tmo to finally start cashing in on the accessories. I know 9 out of 10 people on TMO using iPhones. Nicely played TMO
    1. pdxmatts's Avatar
      T-Mobile sending micro Sim cards out to customers??? Engadget says its for the Galaxy tab, but could you use it in the iPhone4 when an unlock comes out?

    1. planneau's Avatar
      I think am gonna join sprint now.
    1. SeRViiCiiO's Avatar
      for a brief second my heart stopped and i thought YES finally!! but now that i think about it, im really not feeling the iphone anymore
    1. Capdot's Avatar
      Pretty sad for T-Mobile, that the number one selling accessory for them will be for a device they don't have.
    1. Haas's Avatar
      well when I was in Germany a few months ago, the t-moble stores over there sell the iphone as one their phones, Kind strange that doesnt apply with T-mobile in the states.
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