Itīs a worrying phenomenon. We are goaded into experimenting and using applications, that can, ultimately, prejudice your social life and standing, compromise, even, your family. Just today I received two invites from sites that I really wouldnīt want to investigate, even. And from people that state they know me, but for the sake of whatever I cannot remember...

    I bring this up after CNN revealed worrying news reported by the Wall Street Journal (see:http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000...075236968.html) found that some of Facebook's most popular apps, including the game FarmVille by social network game company Zynga, were being used to share users' personal information with more than 25 advertisers and online tracking companies. The problem has ties to the growing field of companies that build detailed databases on people in order to track them online—a practice the Journal has been examining in its What They Know series. It's unclear how long the breach was in place. On Sunday, a Facebook spokesman said it is taking steps to "dramatically limit" the exposure of users' personal information.

    We must be aware that ethics and good ole Joe honesty in this global market is for suckers. Really !
    We must also take it upon ourselves that whatever is a "social" and "free" have hidden costs associated. Regardless of what the CEO of whatever company says. And these costs have to be covered somehow. And in a crisis where ready and lowcost money is no longer available, this temptation is that much greater.
    With this I mean that we the users, the millions who cannot live without all these social networks, without the games they offer and whatever other "freebies", must always keep a constant "watch out" and "reveal nothing" attitude.

    Although we cannot, today, live without these modern social and communication facilities, we must always be prudent of what we reveal.

    Iīm sure all of us have some detail that can make others profit. And in the world of hundreds of millions of people actively using some sort of social network to keep up with their personal lives, there is bound to be someone that can profit from this innocuous activity.

    Be warned...take care.

    Having said all this, I wonder how the Pinstack Members secure themselves in this context. Comments are welcome, of course.
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