• T-Mobile Slaps us Down and Puts Us In our Place - sort of

    In our article here, published early yesterday morning, we posted a rumor that was flying around the "circuit" that the recently released G2 was going to be receiving OTA updates that would allow it to use UMA. Makes sense, we thought, since a.) the T-Mobile network is already set up for Wi-Fi for phone calls; and b.) Froyo (which is the cute name for Android 2.2) has UMA in its coding already, and c.) T-Mobile customers want Wi-Fi calling.

    Not so Fast, says the big Pink and Grey!

    In a statement issued today, Tmo said: "Wi-Fi Calling and tethering/Wi-Fi sharing are not currently supported on the T-Mobile G2. T-Mobile knows these features are important to consumers and we're working to deliver them to G2 users in the future. We have nothing further to announce at this time."

    So, if you're waiting for the ota - you can go back to what you were doing previously. T-Mobile knows these features are important to you, and they are working on getting them to you . . . someday . . .

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    1. Thyth's Avatar
      I wasn't aware that Froyo had any sort of provisions for handling UMA; I specifically asked this question of the Android team and of HTC employees while at Google I/O in May and they indicated that there was no real progress in that area. That is why the Android UMA client that T-Mobile is including as part of the update has a 7 meg shared library in the WiFi calling APK from Kineto to do the UMA encapsulation.

      I don't know what the purpose of that statement is from T-Mobile is, but it's clear that an update was pushed to some devices that included the Kineto application.
    1. planneau's Avatar
      What a Farce this is. TMO is getting on my last nerve now.
    1. TheMercuryMan's Avatar
      The TMO rep I spoke with yesterday (while switching my 8900 to the G2) said he heard of a closed beta on the tmo forums and that wifi calliing would be coming very soon. I love the G2 its much more exciting than my past BBs. But until they get wifi or UMA calling on it ill still be using my home phone at home and the BB out at the campground.
    1. ventz's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by planneau View Post
      What a Farce this is. TMO is getting on my last nerve now.
      Really? TMO is? Not Verizon, ATT, and Sprint with their constant crap? This is the first time TMO has "almost dropped the ball" -- ATT, Verizon, and Sprint drop the ball every other weekend.
    1. drew4flt72's Avatar
      Relax. Source code was released today and Tethering will be on the way as well. Developers will be on that source code pronto. T-Mobile isn't AT&T and Android isn't Apple for sure. There WILL be a rootable G2 coming soon. Ok developers, get on that... I don't understand your frustration with T-Mo. They have to be the most "forward thinking" carrier I can think of. With Blackberry's, they are still the only one supporting UMA, they have calling plans with no contract, low price plans (kids for free until 2012), not to mention HSPA+ and the fastest 3G right now. What can be frustrating about those...??
    1. ventz's Avatar
      Sorry -- just posted that b.c I've read over 20+ people complaining about tmobile and how tmobile "dropped the ball" and how "tmobile sucks", and how "that's it, I am done with tmobile"
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