• Verizon announces Plans to Expand LTE

    The Big Red Menace

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    Instead of making a single announcement like a number of companies or individuals would have, Verizon Wireless sent out about one hundred press releases announcing the expansion of their LTE 4G network. Well, there really weren't a hundred - there were 20, which, when read one after the other, seems like a hundred.

    If you don't believe me, click here - yep, 20 releases saying the same thing one paragraph could have said. They're learning from Motorola Mobility, who will fill our PinStack Inbox with dozens of press releases all announcing the launch of some new Motorola Gadget that will change your life and change the world - in every city in North America, one at a time.

    Verizon's LTE 4G network will be expanding to Cleveland, Southern Illinois,Salinas and Monterrey, CA, Columbus Ohio, Boise Idaho, Rockford Illinois, Loveland CO, Modesto CA, Bakersfield CA, Southwest Missouri, Sacramento CA, Allegany County New York, St. Louis, MO, Buffalo NY, San Luis Obispo CA, San Francisco CA, Wichita KS, Stockton CA, Marion Indiana and - last but not least - Fresno, CA.

    Launch date for the service is generally April 19 (this Thursday) with a few minor exceptions.

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