• DeFocus Images on Android like DSLR

    This Android App is for you, the photography buffs on Pinstack.
    You don’t always carry your DSLR. That’s why you need a portable Mobile camera that can create similar defocussed photos with effects if not something close enough.


    Instagram was the first app to bring Photoeffects to the masses. But there are plenty of alternatives offering a vast array of features enabling the most beautiful snaps.
    MotionOne team has come up with a one stop solution to high-quality sharp focussing and defocussing Images on Android.


    allows you to create a DSLR-style blurred-background photo. You can pick and select the focus area, add a few cool filter effects, and you’re well on your way to creating a beautiful, natural-looking photo.
    App lets you select smart focus area selection, i.e. once you draw some lines within a focus area and the background, the app will automatically recognize the focus area and defocus rest of the image, smartly.


    The final results depend upon how precise and intricate you are with the focus position. When you’re satisfied with the image, you can share it via social networks to your friends.

    App is absolutely free if you don’t want to have the Pro features like double photo feature: Take a snap of one object, move the lens a fraction to one side, and take another shot of the same object. The app will automatically identify the object to focus on and defocus the background automatically. App works on almost all Android phones with minimum requirements being Android 2.1.

    Let us know what you think of it.

    AfterFocus for Android [Google Play]

    Thanks: Tarandeep Singh/Geeknizer
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    1. jfcooley's Avatar
      Wish you'd stop. My software hoarding is bad enough. On my sd card8 modems2 ROMs2 themes2 .zip wipes258 app backups 212 apps installedThis doesn't include everything on droopbox
    1. dushdavj's Avatar
      Now that one is impressive particularly the way you select the item to focus on... Like it
    1. jfcooley's Avatar
      Ok, tried a pic of the boys I had. Little confusing at first bit I actually did the tutorial and worked it out. Good app.
    1. Delfim's Avatar
      yeah I also think so... it's not a SLR, but it comes close.
    1. jfcooley's Avatar
      Just posted first attempt on Path. Not very good but I'm going to keep the app and try and get better.
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