• Happy Birthday jfcooley!

    I just about closed the PC, and low and behold, a reminder popped up. And I couldn't let it go past.
    I just hope Jay's FB Profile is right.
    The man is turning 42 today. On Easter Day.
    Congratulations are in order !

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    We all hope you have a wonderful day !
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    1. jfcooley's Avatar
      Thanks Del.
    1. papareyenc's Avatar
      Mabuhay, jfcooley! (Long live, jfcooley)
    1. jfcooley's Avatar
      Thank you. Finally headed home!
    1. chokem's Avatar
      Hope you had a great day. Happy Birthday!
    1. dushdavj's Avatar
      Happy Birthday to you young whipper snapper!! Hope you had a great day
    1. smooth10's Avatar
      Happy Birthday!
    1. KTW's Avatar
      sorry its late...Happy birthday JF
    1. jfcooley's Avatar
      Thanks everyone. Yesterday was extremely busy. Sorry if I seemed rude for just hitting "like".

      Had to drive a lot so we could have the boys with us.
      Was going to keep quiet about it cause it landed on Easter. 11 years ago I got the best birthday present, my oldest was born on today ©
    1. srl7741's Avatar
      Happy Birthday

      I was unplugged on that day, so I'm a Lil late.
    1. PapaMag's Avatar
      Late but sounds like you had a great day and Memories are forever
    1. KTW's Avatar
      so...JF...what you do for your birth day ?
    1. jfcooley's Avatar
      Really did nothing special other than various meals and time with boys. Somehow I squeezed a nap in too.

      I seldom celebrate my birthaday. Prefer to make it more about Hunters. I've had my share after all.
    1. Capdot's Avatar
      Hahaa! Happy 42nd, Cooley!

      You crazy guy!
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