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    I'm repeating myself here. But I have to. This Swiftkey 3 (still in Beta but you won't notice...) is the ultimate. I don't bother with spacing. I don't bother with spelling. This blighter has something in it that does it all for me...and that's the reason for a repeat introduction.

    It's only available for Beta Testers registered with Swiftkey. But I'm a nice guy ( and so is Tarandeep Singh@ Geeknizer) There is an apk download link further on.

    Or, just join Swiftkey. Get to their site and get an invite.


    SwiftKey 3 is all new smart keyboard that does a lot more than it already did. TouchType decided to leap frog the Soft keyboards by launching SwiftKey 3 Beta.

    SwiftKey 3: What’s new
    Say goodbye to the Spacebar. Smart Space detects and corrects “miss-typed or omitted spaces across whole phrases.” Ironically, that same space bar is now wider, just in case you feel you need it.
    Other than that, there are new smart features like new holo UI. SwiftKey 3 increases support for languages to 42 by adding 7 new languages — Korean, Estonian, Farsi, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian and Serbian.

    Also, there are two new themes to keep your eyes happy: Cobalt and the Ice Cream Sandwich-inspired Holo.

    We had a chance to try out the SwiftKey 3 Beta on our Galaxy Note and a Galaxy Tab 10.1. Both phone version and Tablet version are rock solid.


    Download SwiftKey 3 Beta APK from here or official link.

    From the Official coverage:
    An enhanced UI – a much larger space bar and smart punctuation key help improve accuracy and make it quick and easy to access common punctuation.
    New punctuation functionality – intelligent, language-specific punctuation handling (for example, spaces between words and certain symbols in French, such as ‘Bonjour !’).
    In addition to these key updates, SwiftKey 3 includes core improvements such as backup of learned language data and improved options for users to customize auto-correction features.

    This SwiftKey 3 Beta is only available through the SwiftKey VIP community, which new members are welcome to join now for a limited time only at http://vip.swiftkey.net. SwiftKey’s development team will be working closely with the community to gather feedback and make improvements.
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