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    We don't know who it is yet. We are only certain that it is not Apple, because it is their devices being trashed at this new website! Is it BlackBerry? Nokia? Samsung?

    The secret will be revealed (apparently) Friday at about 4pm Mountain Daylight Time.

    Take a look - Short ten second spots have been on TV all evening. Who is it??!?

    Link to the site
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    1. dushdavj's Avatar
      Heard rumors that it is Nokia and Microsoft with the release of the Lumia, at least that was on one of the gadget websites
    1. lak611's Avatar
      It's Windows Phone. They've been running the anti-Apple ads, such as the "death grip" ad.
    1. Delfim's Avatar
      I think Jay or Cap, even Dave and KTW are the unknown factor. Papamag will also chip in along with rdills, lak and iNurse. SRL too, with piercing comments... And Glenn will moderate. RogerG is non committed as usual.
      The rest will depend on us Mark.
    1. RogerG's Avatar
      I agree. It's Nokia touting their Windows phone.
    1. Delfim's Avatar
      If they (Windows or Nokia) are the culprits they'll make a hash of it.
      Sammy was at least original.
    1. srl7741's Avatar
      Yawn link bait.

      Call me when there is something with substance to really talk about.
    1. Mark Stone's Avatar
      If it's Nokia, the ad is insane - they traditionally have the screens that wash out the most in sunlight, although not as bad as the two Apple iPhones I've tried. When you take a Nokia product out into the sun it doesn't even look like the screen is on.
    1. lak611's Avatar
      Has BlackBerry changed the trackpads on the 9900s? I've never had an issue with my 9700 trackpad in the sun, but on another forum there were some 9900 users mentioning that their trackpads actually started jumping around like they were using the trackpads just from sunlight. What is different about the newer trackpads?
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