• RIM files Trademark for their Future (possible) Tablet - "SurfBook"

    At the Canadian Itellectual Property Office (CIPO) website is the Trademark for the name of BlackBerry's rumored Tab: "SurfBook". The name that had been knocked around for this yet-to-exist device was "BlackPad" (Read the pdxmatts article about BlackPad here!), but it looks like they have come to their senses. Checking around the rumor mills, there are no details about the device yet other than guesses - but my "guess" is it's on the horizon, since it now has a name!

    Thanks Adam Zeis at Crackberry, Chris Ziegler at Engadget and the CIPO
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    1. jblackfish's Avatar
      This will be one to watch IMO to see if RIM can come up with a competitive "pad." There IS (should be) an advantage to trailing the competition if the information of what's gone before is used in a smart way. I'd consider this a way to sneak back into the "black" family since I've recently jumped ship on the phone front.

      I wish RIM the best of luck with this device!
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