• T-Mobile Introduces Pay Per MB Plan

    Attachment 31540So, in browsing some T-Mobile advertisements, I came across an interesting flyer which T-Mo claims will allow users who don't need unlimited web plans the ability to use data services at an affordable price. This comes shortly after AT&T announced they were dumping unlimited data plans in favor of tiered pricing as well as the rumor that Verizon would soon follow.

    The whole idea, according to the two companies, is that there are scores of users out there who aren't fully utilizing the data features of their smartphones because they don't want to pay $20+ every month for an unlimited data plan, when they're likely to only use a small amount. Some analysts have said this is a bad move for customers as realistically, a user could easily use the 2gb of data that AT&T offers for their "DataPro" plan for those who regularly stream video and music on a regular basis through their device. The problem being that the 2gb is the largest package offered at this time. Additional data comes at a premium of an additional $10 for another 1gb. Well more then the price for the current unlimited data plan. Verizon's plan aims to be very similar.

    So T-Mobile has now decided to offer the more affordable option to customers by introducing a pay per MB plan. Pictured below, it says that any device requiring a monthly data plan is eligible for the $1.99 per MB option. They use an an example surfing 34 web pages totaling approximately 30kb each would equate to 1mb. I don't know about you folks, but I watch the browser on my BB when it's loading pages and unless it's a mobile optimized site, I rarely see 30kb or less in the status bar. I regularly see pages 100kb or more in size loading up. So I'm not sure who this 'deal' is really appealing to. They already offer a plan for email only (better value), so web viewing or streaming would the only other reason for this plan, but I'm easily seeing the cost going very high for unwary users.Attachment 31539

    T-Mo has always been the carrier that seems to give more for less and I'm a bit surprised at this pricing strategy. I can certainly applaud the idea of offering more options to users who don't have the need for large gobs of data (though they weren't the first), but at nearly $2 a mb it just doesn't seem all that affordable. How many of you see this as another option for you or think it will reduce your overall cost?
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    1. forevrelephant's Avatar
      I hover somewhere around 200Mb every month, but I'm always over/under by about 40Mb so these plans don't really appeal to me because the overage prices are unfair. They should just upgrade you to the next tier for that specific month.
    1. BHP77's Avatar
      This wouldn't reduce my cost by any means. If they are going to do this then why take away the thirty dollar unlimited plan? I agree that i am a heavy data user, I pay my unlimited fee and that should be that. I can't help it if Joe smo doesn't use as much as i do. I wouldn't be upset if they did this with the option of unlimited for five more dollars than now. That seems fair, but almost $2 a MB, that is crazy. I'll open a second line to prepare for my iPhone on verizon(fingers crossed) and pay full retail for that phone just so i can be grandfathered in. If you complain that your cell bill is too high and you are having to cut back else where in your budget just to have a fancy toy then you really should look at your priorities again. We see folks complain that they are broke and it all cost too much, I can't pay my bills because everything cost so much. News flash to all those, IT'S YOUR FAULT,IT'S YOUR DOING. Every person makes choices in life that will affect who they become, if you are lazy and worry about what everyone else thinks of you, you will get left behind in the world. People, make smart decisions with your finances and remember, IT IS ONLY A PHONE.
    1. srl7741's Avatar
      I like to see options like this so people have more choice but I'd never be able to fit into a plan like this one.

      Choices are good tho. Nice job TMo.
    1. Le Milkmaid's Avatar
      If you check with the company, it specifically caters to people who DON'T use Smartphones like the Blackberry. It is specifically meant for occasional use on phone first devices where web browsing is not being accessed frequently or for "major" web browsing. Users are still able to access Facebook and other websites, they just shouldn't expect the same as an Android phone or other Smartphone.
    1. MStrawder's Avatar
      Regardless of the type of device, web pages are still going to vary greatly in size. Again, unless pages visited are mobile optimized, it's going to get into the MB range very quickly. I think for value to customers, they should introduce a tiered plan, but still offer the unlimited. Give customers several options to meet their needs rather then the two.
    1. Mark Stone's Avatar
      There's a lot of people (I can't possibly be the only one) that do not have data plans at all because we simply use Wi-Fi to surf the web. I wonder if this restructuring of pricing for data plans is targeted to us? As Wi-Fi connections proliferate, the need for a data plan is just not there any more. Perhaps they are trying to make data plans more attractive to folks that are using Wi-Fi as an alternative.
    1. adam917's Avatar
      I just wonder what the increment is going to be. 1 MB? 100 KB? 10 KB? 1 KB? 1 cent? 10 cents? 1 $?

      I guess this will be made for people who use only mobile/WAP-optimised sites which pages weigh in well under a megabyte per page.
    1. MStrawder's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Mark Stone View Post
      There's a lot of people (I can't possibly be the only one) that do not have data plans at all because we simply use Wi-Fi to surf the web. I wonder if this restructuring of pricing for data plans is targeted to us? As Wi-Fi connections proliferate, the need for a data plan is just not there any more. Perhaps they are trying to make data plans more attractive to folks that are using Wi-Fi as an alternative.
      I am one of those that uses Wi-Fi anytime it is available. Particularly at home. However, there are infinitely more times then not that wi-fi isn't available and I use many data intensive apps. Ranging from social networking, email, data backup, web browsing, and everything else I can make my BB do. Many of them run in the background and I never even notice. Just for a reference, I went through my T-Mo bill from last month and I used approximately 250mb worth of data for the month. That doesn't include the wi-fi however, which I'm sure was quite a bit too.

      I do see where you're coming from though Mark and I would agree that for those who are strictly wi-fi users, this plan could allow for some basic connectivity for email or even lite social networking. I would love to hear from someone who uses this plan to see approximately how much data they use per month and their average cost. If you are someone who does or know someone, please PM me.
    1. ventz's Avatar
      I think these data plans are an incentive for non smart-phone users. I think they are trying to simply get ALL the users to warm up to concept of using data. That way they will eventually get smart phones.

      If you think about it, this rate is perfect fro a phone like the razr.
    1. ducksmith's Avatar
      This does not work for blackberries (learned the hard way) but the customer service rep didn't know that. I switched my son (he has a Curve) and he lost web access until we realized that it wasn't working so I had to switch him back. The first time I can remember T-Mobile's customer service being less than stellar.
    1. ventz's Avatar
      I had that happen over the weekend (about C.S falling short). I got a bold 9700 and they added the generic "smart phone data". After 4 hours I called in and asked about having data work but not email. They said to wait. I told them that BIS is either both or none, but they kept telling me to wait. Anyway, eventually after waiting 24 hours I called them and insisted to have my account options looked at in detail. They figured out that they gave me the wrong package. First time this kind of a mix up has ever happened.
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