• HP's Pre 3 Available on EBAY??!?


    Interestingly, the HP Pre 3 Handset is beginning to appear at auction on Ebay. The device, discontinued when HP stopped hardware production of WebOS devices, is beginning to appear as "New, Unlocked" on Ebay search results. Link here to see a closed auction where a Verizon branded Pre 3 sold for $750.00 - We guess they're becoming collector's items! I logged in to my Ebay USA account and did a quick search for the device, and came up with 119 results. There appeared to be about 40 or 50 actual unlocked new Pre 3 phones, and several of those were from foreign sources. (Editor's note: Since this was written, most of these listings have been pulled)

    Where are they coming from? We can only assume that this device, which never actually was launched in the USA, may be being sold by Verizon employees and/or retail outlet employees without the permission of HP or Verizon. Under those circumstances, Verizon may refuse to activate the phones (who knows?). However, they may have collector's value!

    Via Phone Arena/WebOS Roundup

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    1. bmay82's Avatar
      That's an insanely HIGH price for that phone.....you can buy all of the top level smartphones out today outright from a carrier for that kinda money! WOW
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