• PapaMag's PinStack Review - Week 36

    Well here we are another week gone by and fall is in the air. Let's see what hits the boards this past week shall we?

    Sunday September 4th - We are out with delfim and a chuckle, I'm telling you this guy is magic SUNDAY RISER I don't know about you stackers but I'm lovin these 101 classes no matter what device they may be for iPhone 101: Get The Most Out Of Your iPhone delfim breaks us into our first Droid article with Droid Bionic browser benchmarked, numbers look impressive Check out the HTC news also posted by our friend delfim HTC Runnymede2

    Monday September 5th - Even though it is a holiday in USA delfim can still fine some political humor, which is easy to find, even though it's not too funny for most americans. This one got to me seeings how he just announced to American's that he is the CEO of America, now that's funny. Cartoon For the Week Thirteen years ago I was working my butt off trying to support my family and their family's, which by the way I'm still doing that just not working. What were you doing? Happy Birthday Google & Freddie Mercury ! This article by delfim is quite interesting and I would have to agree with the fever Is the Apple iPad a Tablet? Mark Stone jumps in and let's us know about the latest Pre-Order Best Buy Document: iPhone 5 Preorders Start This Week! Have you had your eye on a Ruby, well here's some eye candy for you HTC Ruby Pics Leak That was not the only Pre-Order of the week check this one out also by Mark Stone Clove Has Motorola Defy + on Preorder!Man we are pre-ordering everywhere here's another one to check out Breaking! iPhone 5 Preorders Available @ Deutsche Telekom TODAY! Ah yes delfim has our next 101 class Blackberry 101: Get The Most Out Of Your BB This one has been kicking around the news lately HP to split up WebOS business Now here's a proper introduction from delfim INTRODUCTION: Medion Android smartphone and tablet Here's a couple devices planned for Big Red Pantech Breakout LTE and Samsung Illusion spotted for Verizon

    Tuesday September 6th - delfim has a article talking about class and how they may rate. Check it out Samsung Galaxy R - A Second Class Citizen ? Some more Samsung news for your reading pleasure Samsung Galaxy Note: Benchmarks Could you be the next Steve Jobs? They have a few openings and you could work your way to the top maybe? Security Conscious ? Apple is Looking for YOU ! delfim do you think Apple is reall worried about this tablet? Amazon's Tablet: Should Apple Be Worried? Speaking of Apple delfim has some more news about them Digitimes Research: Apple to lead in 2011 delfim you are a busy man this week. Here's some Google news for you Google’s Schmidt points to in-house plans for Motorola Android lineup I would have to agree this one is weird New Weird ANDROID Commercial

    Wednesday September 7th - delfim you cease to amaze me with some of the articles you bring to the table. Check this one out stackers and be sure to read the comments The .XXX Porn Domains Have Landed Companies are changing hands so fast I can't keep up with them so you better keep checking PinStack to find out who's gone now FINANCIAL: Yahoo Fires Bartz as CEO Looking for a deal here's a few new one's for you Droid Incredible's Gingerbread update pushing out now & AT&T announces the Impulse 4G for just $29.99 Waiting for my good friend Aaron over at Mobiltropolis to pop out some feedback on this next device. He just got his hands on one Finally official, the Motorola Droid Bionic TOMORROW for $299 on contract A little short on cash, delfim tells us how to get some back TRACK who owes you money Here's an interesting stat for you app lover's Nokia Ovi Store apps downloaded 160% more than iOS apps Care to know when the next big droid push is going to be Eric Schmidt: The Next Big Android Launch Is Coming In October Or November Mark Stone let's us know where else the 9900 is showing up 9900 Bold Touch Launches in South Africa Here's some more BB news BlackBerry on TD-SCDMA Network! I'm not behind this next article, the camera's on the the berry's are not all that hot but not having one would bum me out RIM Continues Non-Camera Tradition

    Thursday September 8th - For a minute I thought delfim was talking about underwear but now I get it SHORTS: A Windows 8 Tablet From Samsung; CAROL BARTZ FIRES BACK; Turntable.fm for iPhone. There's an investigation going on and delfim let's us know where SFPD: We're Investigating Our Missing iPhone 5 Investigation You know this is getting to be a tiresome article one way or another Google And Apple Fighting Getting Ugly ? Speaking of Google here's some more news Google Gets Zagat What's this some Samsung love Nexus Prime Chassis Specs Reported, Support Page up at Samsung Remember me telling you to keep up read Pinstack's front page well ... Another One Bites the Dust: Arrington out at AOL delfim let's us in on some Galaxy news with Galaxy S II gets Asphalt 6 HD FREE Here's one that got some good reaction, seems like just a week or two ago it was the opposite Apple Top in J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey Mark Stone let's us in on a Big Red launch Torch 9850 Launches @ Verizon! Hey tmo is getting in on the new device action as well 9860 Torch Appears in Tmo Inventory! Here's a deal you may not want to pass up Already Own a BlackBerry? Buy a PlayBook, Get a $100 Prepaid MasterCard!

    Friday September 9th - delfim there may be more truth than not to this one TGIF Check out this article from dushdavj A Great Place to Work Here's a little follow up from delfim Windows 8: How Long Does It Take To Boot? I'm telling you right now I don't like these photo's More Photos of "Futuristic" BlackBerry . . . Look at all the device's and technology we could have if these guys would get out of court and back to the lab Boxing Match! Round 435 Goes to Apple! Mark Stone let's us know about another device Another Facebook Phone?!?

    Saturday September 10th - Mark Stone starts us off with HTC Announces Press "Event" for Sept. 20 Well they say it isn't so LG Layoffs? Not True Says the Company We go from shorts to snacks, I don't know about you guys Jelly Bean??!? So delfim is telling us his opinion of the best smartphone The Best Smartphones On Every Carrier Right Now Here's some more Samsung news and pricing ...And Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch pre-orders at Walmart for only $99 This one looks a bit different Lenovo IdeaPad K1 r delfim I get a kick out of this one also The Internet Has A Short Attention Span we'll finish up this week with a video article from delfim 'Give us back our iPhone NOW' - Conan

    Well folk that's a wrap, I will be going undercover for awhile, incognito, away from the game for awhile. Hope you all stick around and check up on delfim and the gang here at the Stack for me. Not sure when I will re-surface but you can bet I will, until then be safe, enjoy, and may God Bless.

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    1. chokem's Avatar
      Nicely done, as usual, Papa!
    1. Delfim's Avatar
      Thanks Craig. Gotta do something about the underware. Geez... Gonna call the article.... BRIEFS!
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