• PapaMag's PinStack Review - Week 35

    Well let me tell you stackers not too sure what is in the air, but I can tell you our writer's have got a wild hair because this is one crazy week trying to keep up with them. Instead of jabbering I guess I better get to it.

    Sunday August 28th - delfim get's us started with a good chuckle Cartoon for the Weekend Shopping for an OS here's a couple that might be The Two Cellphone Makers That Might Be Shopping For An OS Next Here's some tablet info that may be of interest Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 - A Bit More Detail Here's a release for you just in case you're looking Droid Bionic looks set for September 8 release Here's a bit of HTC for you HTC HD2 keeps spry with Mango RTM and custom ROM Man delfim you are all over the place here's some Android App reading for your pleasure Android Apps! Apps! Come get your apps! + Funny This next article got some serious comments and I for one was a bit disappointed. After all the instructions was clear and once again it would be nice to see more participation thanks JavaBratt for your kind offer GIVEAWAY!! 3 BBM Music Invites Up for Grabs!!

    Monday August 29th - delfim gets our workweek started with another funny Cartoon For the Week Ah shucks bet there are a few disappointed people out there No 4-Inch iPhone 5 After All Here is an interesting article where do you fit in to this massive number How Many People Actually Use Twitter? Good Question ! This one was no surprise to me because I am one of them. Love the picture on this one delfim fits beautifully ...And Google Users Are Losing Interest In Google+ Another shocking number to read about Amazon could ‘easily’ sell 3-5 million Android tablets in Q4 And folks here is where it all breaks lose, I couldn't begin to keep up. Here's some bootloader news and there's one on the list I'm happy to see thanks twistone for this read HTC adds more devices to unlocked bootloader Mark Stone jumps in with some interesting Sprint news Sprint Asks Dealers to say "No Comment" on iPhone 5 A spy shot huh what might we expect next Now We Have A Spy Shot Of What May Be The iPhone 5's Front Cover Here's another of several reads from twistone How will Nexus line be affected by Droid Prime? next is Revolution 2? LG VS920 breezes thru FCC Did you get your copy? Free version of tetris from EA Here is another very interesting find and it's hard not to believe the source. What's your opinion be sure to read the comments At&T network ranked worst by J.D. Powers Care for some Galaxy news twistone has it for you 4G LTE versions of galaxy s II, galaxy tab 8.9 announced Also has some Big Red news as well $50 off Verizon smartphones from LetsTalk thru Aug 31st Nope this day isn't over yet Mark Stone jumps in with Samsung Buying WebOS from HP? Caught ya at least twistone did HYC Sense 3.5 caught on camera Mark adds a little insight on twistone's earlier article What We Thought was a Nexus is a Prime . . . . delfim shows us all just a bit of what New Yorker's seen The Most Beautiful New York Hurricane Footage You'll Ever See Not buying this shot at all but then maybe First QWERTY QNX Berry?!? Holy Cow fella's can't imagine what it would be like if there were more that 24 hours in a day. I'm a bit cross-eyed and a long ways to go.

    Tuesday August 30th - delfim let's us know that you can find them anywhere, even places you don't think about BlackBerrys and iPads on the Afghan Front Check out this video supplied by our friend delfim Artificial Intelligence Gone Awry What's this a challenge? Hope it doesn't end up in court Samsung 'ChatON' Messaging to Challenge Apple and BlackBerry... more Samsung news here Samsung Epic 4G Touch training docs leaked, likely to have 4.5-inch display delfim I think this one is becoming more and more to the point every day, love the photo on this article too Problems With Our Gadgets That Need To Be Fixed Immediately ! Now ! Pronto !... Care to do some printing twistone let's us know how we can get it done with Epson iPrint app for Android Check out this pad Take a look at The Lenovo ThinkPad Mark let's us know about a launch Torch 9860 Launches in Spain! twistone let's us know who wears the crown Android, Samsung King's of mobile market Another one bails read Mark's article Mike Kirkup Resigns @ RIM

    Wednesday August 31st - delfim gives us a read letting us know why we should wait Galaxy S II: Why You Shouldn´t Buy it Yet... twistone let's us know what we can look for New and Updated iPhone and iPad apps Oh say it isn't so not another disagreement Apple's trademark filing opposed by Blackberry Here's one from delfim that may or may not make you happy but I think it was expected or at least would be tried Justice Department Looks to Block T-Mobile-AT&T Deal What will they think of next? Shopping carts equipped with iPads in the UK!! Wow here's one that's worth a chunk of change ECONOMICS & FINANCE: Why Dropbox Is Worth $5 Billion twistone comes up with a little browser information, I was checking this one out in the market a few weeks back on my Nook Dolphin Browser for iPhone now available Here's some tablet news Sony Tablets get European price and launch date Alot of music business going one lately Streaming vs downloading with iTunes Match Hey twistone where isn't it going to head iPhone 5 rumored to be headed to T-Mobile Here's some changes for you to look at iPhone 4GS antenna make minor changes leaky leaky More leaked iPhone 5 (N94) parts delfim fills us in on a announcement AT&T announces the HTC Jetstream Yes folks AT&T was quick to respond AT&T responds to U.S. government lawsuit... delfim is gossiping again Here's The Gossip On The Next Huge Telecom Merger I still can't believe the pricing on this beauty. Checked my upgrade price and it was a sweet $449 BlackBerry Bold 9900 Available @ T-Mobile Here's a Big Red release date Torch 9850 on Big Red September 8! You have to check this read out from Mark and I would agree it's been a bit tangled for some time BlackBerry How To: the Memory Cleaner

    Thursday September 1st - twistone gets our day started with Apple Suppliers' Dirty practices revealed Looking for something in between check this out High-End and Low-End iphones on the way? delfim has an editorial for us to read Editorial: MICROSOFT'S PROBLEM This would be an interesting vacation to take The Nexus S - a productive vacation aboard Atlantis Here's some App's news for you Google Apps Get Offline Access (and I Get Tablet Gmail on a PC) More on the Mango for you Windows Mango Phones Revealed: HTC Eternity and HTC Omega twistone has a questions for you in this nex article Is the Apple iPad the only tablet to live up to the hype? Here might be the reason that questin is asked 20 million iPad 2 units to be shipped in Q3 Mark let's us know of a quest hanging out there A Quest for World Dominance??!? I'm hearing some awful good feedback on the 99xx devices haven't heard a bad review yet. Need to find your way twistone has a solution for you Navigon next generation navigation app for iPhone This article from Mark makes me happy to hear being a developer and all BlackBerry App World Now Available in 14 More Nations There's a sale going on get on down there you hear PlayBook on Sale @ Best Buy!

    Friday September 2nd - I mean seriously is there any catching these guys, delfim has that answer for you Android's Lead Over Apple. How big? Take a guess! Here's another question for you to ponder Will Windows 8 Mark the End of the Post-PC Era? ah yes it must be time for a chuckle TGIF you kill me delfim there is no end. Now here's one that we all need, charts, graphs, and some explaining of what's going on cause there's a new one every time you turn around WHO'S WHO OF WHO'S SUING WHO. Update. delfim gives us alittle 101 Android 101: Save battery by keeping Wifi alive A new release Motorola Droid Bionic available Sept. 8 Look's like Samsung thinks they have it right Why Samsung's 5-Inch and 7-Inch Tablets May Get It Right What aren't they crying about these days IN DEPTH: Apple Cries About Samsung and Motorola's Patent "Monopoly" At the price they were looking for I'm really surprised or they didn't have very many, but it looks like they found some T-Mobile 9900 Bold Sells Out in One Day! Thanks Mark for the update.

    Saturday September 3rd - Mark sounds pretty sure about this one Windows Phone Will Be #2 OS by 2015: Gartner Some Nokia news for your pleasure Nokia N9 Launches Down Under in October! Here's is a very interesting hands on read from Mark that may just surprise the heck out of you BB 9780 vs iPhone 4 in Vegas? delfim has another launch for us Samsung's U.S. Galaxy S II launch event not only that he has some more learning for us as well ANDROID 101: Get The Most Out of Your Droid Mark found about the best price I've seen so far T-Mobile 9900 Bold Available @ BBRocks - $249.99 Here's some features you may be interested in iPhone 5 Concept Features just a note for you to think about Samsung Galaxy Note Well we'll wrap things up with a little Bill Gate's Talk The new Bill Gates: Google's Larry Page

    Well I don't know about you stacker's but this one has so much information this week that I can't remember the first part of the week. All I can say is I don't believe there is too many site's out there than's throwing information to it's members any faster than the writer's here as PinStack.
    Have a great Holiday weekend, be safe and enjoy and we'll see you next week I think. I'm catching a Willie Nelson concert outdoors on Tuesday and in a week heading to California to see my Son, Daughter-In-Las and our 5 of 13 grandchildren whom we haven't seen in quite some time. I've very excite about that trip.
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      Thanks Craig.You go and enjoy your family get together...!
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      Good work Craig, enjoy your trip!
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