• iPhone 4GS antenna make minor changes

    A purported iPhone "5G" or "4GS" antenna is making the rounds, from accessory maker Ideal Case, which has posted photos of it stacked up with existing iPhone 4 antenna casings from the GSM and CDMA models of Apple's phone.

    The photos, which were posted without any backstory, are watermarked with "confidential" in red, right where one would be able to examine the casings in further detail.
    Despite that, the differences appear to be minor, with the purported antenna design matching up with the other two models on the bottom, as well as a SIM slot located on the same side as the existing GSM model of the iPhone 4. The main difference is a top that features an unbroken band, with side button placement that matches the CDMA model of the iPhone 4.

    Apple is expected by some to include a low-cost variant of the iPhone 4, possibly with modified internals, alongside the release of the next-generation iPhone later this year. Most recently that's been pushed in a report from Reuters saying Apple would be launching an 8GB, low-cost iPhone 4 model aimed at emerging markets. Before that, a report from China-based Sohu.com suggested Apple was cooking up two models as part of a deal with China Telecom that would go live later this year. And going back just a bit further, Vietnamese site Tinhte--the same outlet that got ahold of the iPhone 4 ahead of its official announcement, posted photos of what it said was a new variant of the iPhone 4 featuring plastic body parts.

    As of late there have also been a slew of "leaked" iPhone parts. An "engineering verification test" of an iPhone screen was posted earlier this week by Macpost, resembling existing iPhone 4 models. Days before, purported images of a frame for the low-cost model iPhone 4 popped up on Macrumors, sporting a slightly different antenna design. There have also been purported leaks of batteries, audio jacks, and screens being manufactured for the unannounced device.
    (via 9to5mac)

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    1. jfcooley's Avatar
      Can't help but wonder if Apple isn't supporting these rumors. None have indicated much of a change, making me wonder if the iPhone 5 may indeed be a major upgrade of sorts. Apple has everyone looking right while they head left.
    1. RogerG's Avatar
      Could very well be, Jay.

      I would be disappointed if the i5 wasn't a major upgrade over the i4 and in fact I expect it will be.
    1. Delfim's Avatar
      ...expect iOS improvements. We all know that. As for the rest I'm not so hopeful. A little cosmetic change, but very little else. Maybe take out glass put in aluminum or stainless...
      At least the antenna seems to be addressed.
      I mean, Christmas is around the corner ? And then ? Apple won't have anything to make us spend our money on ?
      No. It's not like them.
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