• 13% of Us Use Cell Phones to Avoid Human Contact !


    Raise your hand if you're guilty! Or, you know, just avoid direct eye contact and continue to poke down at your iPhone instead.

    It's a worrying attitude. It's socially diminishing... This report by The Pew Research Center, although specific for the United States, should hold true for most western nations. And as the writer of the following story states, it´s not 13%. I have a feeling it's far higher.

    "In a new report from the Pew Research Center titled Americans and Their Cell Phones, you have your usual fare about how cell phone penetration is on the rise, people are sending more photos and videos, yadda yadda yadda, with one interesting tidbit: 13% of Americans apparently use their devices to avoid "unwanted personal interactions," or rather, pretend to use their phones to dodge having to talk to people in real life.

    I don't know about you, but doesn't 13% seem kind of... low?

    Here at TIME at least, it seems like four out of every five people in any given elevator can't go a floor without pulling out their BlackBerry (you can't get reception inside of the elevator, either, I might add).

    Not that it's a bad thing! You can only have so many stunted conversations about the weather, and if I have to hear another joke about a crowded elevator running "local" my eyeballs might roll so hard they'll invert toward the back of my skull.

    Maybe cell phones aren't so much a social crutch as they are a tool for keeping us connected with the people we'd really like to be connected with! Or maybe we just love our devices so much that we'd rather swipe at their little icons than, you know, have sex!

    Over at The Atlantic they're trying to float a name for this awkward but necessary practice ("dodge dialing"? "phaking"?).

    Personally, I think it depends on the situation. At a bar, for instance, "dodge dialing" is fine. In an elevator? I'd prefer we call it "protocol".

    from: techland.time
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    1. PapaMag's Avatar
      That is a very interesting shot, ah business at work thanks del
    1. Mark Stone's Avatar
      I don't use my BlackBerry for avoiding social contact - my lack of regular showers takes care of that for me. I'm just a person that enjoys talking to himself! My BB comes in very handy for that purpose - When I need to discuss something out loud with myself, I just put the ol' Berry up to my ear and start yakkin'! People think I'm having a conversation on the phone. It was while doing this with my trusty ol' 7290 BlueBerry BlackBerry that a child walked by me, hand in hand with his father, and asked: "Daddy, why is that man talking to his calculator?"
    1. jfcooley's Avatar
      What are these humans? Thought I was typing to puters.
      Up here we use shotguns to avoid human contact. Want em to stay way from my stills.....

      Really though, 13%? I would think it'd be higher. I thought people substituted Facebook friends for real ones. I mean, who'd want 100's of real life friends.....
    1. lak611's Avatar
      I have used my BlackBerry to avoid talking to strangers in bars and coffeehouses if I was meeting friends and arrived before my did. It always gets the annoying people to leave me alone. Then the BlackBerry goes into hiding once my friends arrive and I have people I want to talk to around me.
    1. raton's Avatar
      I do the same thing these people are doing in an elevator. I don't have time to be talking to the people from Wells Fargo across the hall from my company.
    1. JavaBratt's Avatar
      I already knew I wasn't the only one guilty of this when I discovered the app that allows you to press a button and place a fake call to yourself (complete with a voice on the other end no less) LOL!
    1. lak611's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by JavaBratt View Post
      I already knew I wasn't the only one guilty of this when I discovered the app that allows you to press a button and place a fake call to yourself (complete with a voice on the other end no less) LOL!
      I don't need an app. I just fake a call. Nobody would know the difference, since many people use vibrate anyway.
    1. raton's Avatar
      I just look at my phone and start stacking and looking for new wallpapers for my phone ignoring the other people whining about their jobs and how their bosses are this and that. If I didn't have the phone youll see me telling these people off and to stay home and make way for people who actually want to earn a living not live for free
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