• PapaMag's Pinstack Weekly Review - Chapter 31

    I've came to the conclusion that it really doesn't make any difference what day of the week it is, cause our great writer's just keeps pounding us with superior information that draws us all back for more, so I will just start my weekly ramble now.

    Mark startes us out with AT&T Announces Reduced Data Speeds like this was a real shocker to anyone. Then we go right the the iPhone 5 article Canceled Vacations at AT&T: an iPhone 5 Launch?!? Mark let's us know about a new launch BBM 6 Released at BlackBerry App World! Then we get one of my favorites from delfim Weekend Cartoon I'm wondering if anyone has found this yet ASUS Eee Pad Slider Shows Up In August Catalog check out the read and you will know what I'm referring to. Well it look's as if the Russian Government has made their choice with this next article by delfim Russian Gov. say no to iPAD. Hello PLAYBOOK and ANDROID ! Here's another person that has more money than the US Government At first it was APPLE , Now Bill Gates Has More Money Than The Federal Government I really hope the american people wake up and vote all those idiots out of office, jmo. Sorry lost my head got it back now. Here's a great Sunday Classic brought to us by Mark Sunday Classics! The Oldest Cell Phone Company When I saw this title I thought maybe delfim had been drinking, maybe but he had it right as usual GooApple 3G Handset Melds Android OS with iPhone 4 Perfectly Here's some Google Intervention Google’s Email Intervention Helps You Get Your Friends Off Those “Embarrassing” Email Addresses Here's some tablet news from delfim Acer's 7-Inch Honeycomb Tablet Coming Next Month for $300 Here's some birthday news about one of our own ancient stackers, and I might add it got kicked around pretty good in the comment section as well HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLENN !!!
    Well as you can see the above refers to articles just getting us out of the weekend and into our daily routine, and away we go.

    Roger starts out our work week with GIVEAWAY!! SmrtGuard Pro for Android or BlackBerry!! Then he comes right back with some more GIVEAWAY!! Win one of TWENTY-FIVE Themes from PapaMag! I sure hope I have the opportunity to give all 25 of these away. The we have our delfim cartoon Cartoon For the Week and the real question is Who Is Driving? This next article is bound to make alot of folks happy Xcom Global's Euro SIM solves your European data conundrum: $13 per day, works in 40 countries Interested in Google+ then check this one out The Most Important New Updates To Google+ This Atrix article brought a lot of comment The Motorola Atrix Sequel? This one got a lot of looks right away, I wonder why The iPhone 5 Isn't Coming... Here's a promise and a followup by delfim Diablo III Beta Gameplay Video Preview Released ! Mark jumps in with some Nokia news Nokia 500 - 1 GHz Symbian Announced Today He then follows that one up with N9 Gets an Orange Launch on Sept 15! This one may turn a few heads Apple Blocks Galaxy Tab Sales Down Under Here's one announcement that I have been waiting for Leaked August 31 Launch for T-Mobile BlackBerry 9900!!

    Ah a new day and all is calm, but wait what's this? BROWSERS! How they fare... don't you ever sleep? This is a pretty good chunck of the market Android takes almost 50% share of worldwide smart phone market delfim let's us know who's winning AND NOW: Why Google is Winning the Smartphone Wars ... Here's some pricing news And...Apple Reveals iCloud Pricing If you are a big wig what do you use? BLACKBERRY OR iPHONE: Here's What The Big-Wigs Use Mark let's us in on a Motorola sighting Real Looker of a Motorola Spotted in China A Nokia marriage soon Nokia and Windows on August 17! Good on you Canada I believe the first release of the 9900 Rogers Will Launch 9900 on August 9!

    Well it took some time but Roger gives a article that many have been waiting for Research In Motion (Finally!) Introduces New BlackBerry 7 Smartphones He follows that up with some AT&T news AT&T Announces 4G BlackBerry Portfolio Pick a language almost any, delfim lets us in on some good news Google Voice Now Available in 38 Languages. At last... Well looks like it's time to do a little comparing according to delfim Apple's iCloud Pricing vs. the Competition. Let´s Compare... Boy you talk about getting some people all jacked up then popping their balloons delfim posted two articles back to back about BlackBerry and their new devices. There was quite a reaction in the comment field on these RIM Fans Will Be Pumped ! and then And Now, THE BAD NEWS - Newest RIM Smartphones Are Already Obsolete -- They Won't Be Able To Support QNX ! Mind you delfim is not the bad guy here RIM has the ire of some on the rise.

    A new day and a fresh start with a interesting article by delfim How To Deal With Internet Arguments Here's a bit of AT&T news that is bound to make some customers unhappy AT&T Is Starting To Revoke Unlimited Data Plans For iPhone Jailbreakers Who Tether For Free Some Gmail news for us Gmail for Mobile gets a facelift, now ready for its Retina Display close-up This next one is of no surprise to me, you are walking around with a mini computer THE TRUTH ABOUT ANDROID VIRUSES: They're Growing Like Crazy Mark brings us a litte How To Q: How do you Turn a Defy to a Defy+? He backs that up with some Motorola news Motorola Announces Beginner Android: the XT531 Sprint will get them first Sprint Announces that THEY Will Get the First OS7 Berrys! While you are getting your morning coffee or soft drink you can also pick up a phone T-Mobile Announces Partnership with 7-11

    Roger lets us know that all good things must come to an end, this has been a blast BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION ENDS SUNDAY!!! Here is a few more giveaways and this one I've wanted myself for a long time GIVEAWAY!! BerryWeather for BlackBerry Smartphones!! follow that up with GIVEAWAY!! IM+ Instant Messaging for BlackBerry or Android And yes stackers it's one of my favorites and this one is a beauty delfim TGIF This one got some good comments you need to check them out NO SEX PLEASE! WE´RE AMERICANS... Apple has a plan and delfim has just the article to fill you in Apple's Objective for 2012/13: Merge iOS And Mac OS X Once again there is usually a follow up on news like this ...but in the meantime, Apple is cracking down on non-developer devices running iOS 5 ! Let's break away from Apple and get into some tablet news or rumor I should say RUMOR: Motorola KORE could be vendor’s upcoming quad-core tablet ! Here's another one to check out Biggest Tablet Manufacturer - Quanta? Mark fills us in on some Samsung news Samsung Conquer 4G Dropping on August 21! Mark also let's us know that crackberry is trying to break into the comedy profession with CrackBerry Thinks They're Funny! We can get you a Big Red fix with Droid Bionic Gets its Verizon Teaser Page We'll finish up this run of news with BlackBerry Devices Go on Pre-order @ Best Buy Canada!

    Well well, after reading about AT&T, now we have a bit of the same from Big Red What is Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander... Interesting in maps delfim has one for you to look at Android Versus iOS States Mapped For The US Here's another Birthday story for your pleasure World Wide Web Turns 20... Mark brings us some HTC news with Screenshots of HTC Puccini Snagged Mark let's us know that there's some training going on. My son is a trainer for a Verizon Call Center so I'm sure this will be in his next class BlackBerry 7 Training Starts @ Big Red! twistone get's in on the action with this article full change log for iOS 5 beta 5 Well this must be a conformation for Canada CB Tipster Confirms Bold 9900 Launch @ Rogers Next Week! Here's a new tablet roll out Galaxy Tab 10.1 TouchWiz update rolling out Here's some big savings for you EA slashes 80% off iOS games
    Well here we go and delfim this one I didn't find the humor in it. I must add that it's just not his slippery slope there are a bunch of idiots in Washingtion that made it that way. Okay sorry lost my head again got it back now. Weekend Cartoon You need to check this next one out and watch the video Thumb Keyboard receives significant update Here's an app that will probably be very successful Introducing: Tune Aid - A Essential for iPhone, iPod and iTunes App

    Well Stackers I'm going to call this one a wrap. Once again a very busy week at the stack will alot of great information. Hope everyone enjoyed the contest and the PinStack Birthday as much as I did. Have a great week and check out my wrapup for the upcoming week
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    1. Delfim's Avatar
      71 Articles including yours PapaMag. That´s an average of 10 new articles, everyday on PS.
      I remember the days when PS had 5 or 6 a week...
      Well done Graig. Thanks again!
    1. PapaMag's Avatar
      Well thank you sir, I remember those days as well, finding news among the posts was a eye strainer, now it's just the opposite
    1. chokem's Avatar
      Good job Craig, and kudos to all our writers-job well done gents!
    1. jfcooley's Avatar
      Whoooooooodoggy that's alot a readin. Hope there's no test.

      As momma used ta say, "papa, that's lotta writin...getted learned round here"
    1. bmanley's Avatar
      Great job and thanks for the hard work
    1. RogerG's Avatar
      Craig, you continue to amaze me, my friend. Another job well done! Hard to keep up with all the stuff that's going on here!

      Kudos to all who contribute as well! Wayda keep us on top of the news!
    1. PapaMag's Avatar
      Thanks Roger it's just a summary of the hard work our great writers do every day to keep us in the loop. It's the least I can do
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