• Rogers Will Launch 9900 on August 9!

    I Wanna Live in Canada!

    A tipster sent the accompanying slide to tech nerd website Techno Buffalo (link to it here) which indicates a tentative launch of RIM's monster, the BlackBerry Bold Touch - three weeks before Tmo's launch! Looks like August is the month for world-wide BlackBerry joy: Rogers-August 9; India Aug. 8; Telus Aug. 15; USA on the 31st. The 9930, the CDMA version of this 1.2 GHz Destroyer, will be along soon!

    (P.S. - Don't try to clean your glasses - the picture is fuzzy)

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    1. smooth10's Avatar
      Let's go Canada! I can't remember many times like this where a phone has been released here first. It's sad because RIM is at most two hours away from Toronto (where I live).
      Either way, I'm not getting the 9900, but I want to see how well it does.
    1. ventz's Avatar
      You don't want to live in Canada. You will get the phone, but $100 for 200MBs of data will be committed for the next 3 years of your life
    1. bmanley's Avatar
      That plan would suck. I can wait awhile longer for a better deal for sure
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