• Nokia's First Windows Device: Sea Ray! Look Now, Before It's Pulled!

    Just When You Thought they Ran Out of Names!

    While in a room full of people and thinking no one was filming, Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, showed off what is to be the first Nokia phone running Windows Phone 7!

    Here's the video that he didn't want the press to record:

    The Sea Ray is introduced at 1:50 into the video. Cool device!

    I think he knew that pictures would be taken, and videos would be recorded - I think he planned this "slip". If it was unplanned, look for Nokia to make a deal with YouTube to have the vid pulled - so we need to take this in fast. If it's not pulled shortly, then it was part of the Nokia leak plan in the first place.

    Nokia is working hard to get back into contention in the smartphone market!

    Story first broken by technet, a Hungarian enthusiast site

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