• AT&T to pay T-Mobile $6 billion if deal falls thru

    Attachment 33134 As per sources that did not want to be named. At&t will have to pay T-Mobile $6 Billion if the deal does not go thru. $3 Billion in cash, around $2 Billion in spectrum and $1 Billion in roaming agreements. The high fees show AT&T's confidence that they will be able to acquire T-Mobile or pay a ground breaking 15.4% of the total deal if it does not happen. The acquisition of T-Mobile By AT&T would catapult AT&T to being the number 1 US carrier( Something Sprint would like to stop because of what they think will duopolize the wireless industry in the US). Hit the source code for more info: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/...74B5H220110512
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    1. ventz's Avatar
      I am starting to think that this was TMO's strategy -- wait for this to fall though, make some money, get some spectrum space :-D

      Let's hope this really was it
    1. RemyKirin's Avatar
      If history has taught us anything its that you should never underestimate the German's ingenuity lol
    1. Capdot's Avatar
      Hope they put all that good loot back into their fledgling company.
    1. PapaMag's Avatar
      Well I would say for that chunk of change that AT&T must be pretty confident. I can't see them risking that kind of change on a hunch
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