• Verizon Palm Pre Plus or Pixi Plus for $50 or $30 BOGO with Free Mobile Hotspot service

    Attachment 30642Verizon has decided to almost giveaway the new Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus smartphones with two-year service contracts deals! They are lowering the prices of both to just $49.99 and $29.99. Both smartphones have an additional buy one, get one free deal. That's not all! A stacker alerted us lastnight of the following:
    Mobile Hotspot is now free on the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus. It was $40 before and five devices can connect. There is still a 5 gb limit, but I guess VZW is really trying to push these phones now. I love the Mobile Hotspot, (I'm using it right now)...
    Verizon's Pre and Pixi deals
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    1. azstar's Avatar
      Nice deal for those wanting to give WebOS a spin!
    1. btompkins0112's Avatar
      If you are in the coverage area (Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida) Cellular South is doing BOGO with the HTC Hero for $99! Now that's a REAL DEAL!
    1. srl7741's Avatar
      Smart phones 4 everyone @ those prices.
    1. btompkins0112's Avatar
      p.s. Those are nice phones as well.........does anyone know if they have worked out the "oreo effect" in the Pre??
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