• HTC Tweets March 17 Rollout of Thunderbolt!

    Or Not . . .

    This morning Imran Shahid, an HTC regional sales manager handling Verizon accounts, tweeted the announcement that Verizon's heavily promoted THC Thunderbolt will be released March 17! We're thinking that his excitement was a little premature, however, and the announcement may have come out early because later in the day the message was pulled. However, I'm ready to hang my hat on the date - so Thunderbolt fans get ready!

    The Thunderbolt, which was one of the monsters announced at CES is Las Vegas in January, is a CDMA device running Android 2.2. It has a 1 GHz Scorpion processor, a niiiiice 8 mega pixel autofocus camera, a 480 by 800 Capacitive and the Kitchen Sink.

    Full device specs at GSMArena

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