• PapaMag's Weekly Review Of PinStack's Wild Ride

    It really amazes me of the effort a few people take to make the Stack what it is. Actually it's what it is because of about 3/4 million users, but there is a few that goes way beyond. My hat's of to the following:

    Mark Stone

    This is just to name a few off the top of my head, let's see what we can dig up from last week.

    We found out about the world's thinnest smartphone from a article that Mark posted, check it out HERE

    Mark also told us about a new security check that google is using that will probably be uses for gmail, and other google logins such as google, youtube, earth, etc. check out the rest of what google security is doing HERE

    Roger posted a article that the BlackBerry Bold Touch (Dakota/Montana) has been spotted next to the 9700. Check out the rest of Roger's article HERE

    delfim jumped in as usual with some great articles on being the early release I think of the iPad2, here's a guote fromt the article that will make you want to go back and read it again. If there's anything I love more than Apple rumors, it's wildly conflicting Apple rumors that surface within 24 hours of one another. What a great opening line delfim. Read More HERE
    Mark hit us with a article about Windows 7 being pulled for Samsung, check the read out HERE
    Mark also told us about the launching to the Samsung Galaxy S 4g at T-Mobile, check it out HERE
    Mark let us know about the Angry Birds Coming To Windows Phone 7 HERE, Sprint Makes The HTC Arrive Official HERE, and Motorola ZOOM Released At Big Red HERE.
    thbassman had a great contest that ran through the week. Hope you got your entry in to win a free ZAGGSPARQ. Just for refreshers check it out HERE
    rdills gave us a piece about the Motorola ZOOM Rooted HERE
    Mark hit us up with Atrix Now Available At AT&T HERE,, and Verizon's Thunderbolt Coming March 10th HERE
    rdills told us about the iDisplay For Android HERE, and Android Market On The Web Gets Book Section HERE
    Mark finished up the week with Lawsuits Over Device Names HERE, Verizon Getting Windows Phone 7 Late March HERE, and last but not least Apple vs Android: Starwars HERE
    Thanks again my friends for all the great smartphone and tablet news and information. Once again another great week at PinStack, and until next week adios have a great week see you next Sunday.
    From the eye of PapaMag

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    1. Delfim's Avatar
      Thanks again PapaMag...
      We all keep an eye out for this end of the week summary . You do good work as well...and I appreciate it !
    1. chokem's Avatar
      Me too Craig, we appreciate all of you guys who write the articles-good job each and every one!
    1. RogerG's Avatar
      Great recap again as usual, C! We appreciate your hard work in making this happen!
    1. PapaMag's Avatar
      Thanks guys everyone really makes it easy. I enjoy reading the articles and learning about all that's new. It's a pleasure to bring these great articles up once again for review
    1. rdills's Avatar
      I love these weekly wrap ups. Thank you much CMangum!
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