• Walking and Texting Illegal in New York?


    CBS News is reporting this afternoon that New York State Senator Karl Kruger is proposing a $100 fine for individuals caught using their mobile devices while using crosswalks to cross streets.

    The proposed ban comes as the result of the death of Jason King of New York City, killed last month when a truck hit him as he crossed the street while listening to his iPod.

    Kruger, who represents Brooklyn, states:
    "We have people who are literally dying in the street"
    In most automobile/pedestrian accidents, however, especially if the pedestrian is in a crosswalk, the automobile driver is considered at fault, whether the pedestrian is distracted or not. Although it may be safer to walk without reading a Kindle or listening to your iPod, I'm unclear that making it a crime would save lives - until drivers learn to watch for walkers in crosswalks. What do you all think?

    Source: CBS New York

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    1. smooth10's Avatar
      I don't think this will solve any problems. Drivers need to watch for pedestrians regardless if they are distracted by a cell phone or by any other means. The problem of J-walking surfaces most times and many places around the world have laws against that. From what I've seen, it has not been a deterrent for most people so I'm sure the results will be similar with this useless law.
      Especially knowing that it's a law that will be enforced at crosswalks where the pedestrian clearly has right of way, I think this law is stupid. You might as well spend the tax payees money in a more productive way by producing more awareness through signs and/or public service announcements. They'll probably have the same effect on people as this stupid law (that many people won't know about anyway!)
      FYI I just spoke to my friends in the Bronx, NY and they haven't heard about this yet. Says something about CBS :P
    1. dushdavj's Avatar
      I can see lawsuits coming, accident happens between driver texting and pedestrian texting, (maybe to each other ) so who is blamed, both are illegal.

      With these restrictions maybe we will all go back to being tethered to a landline, and finally not be on call 24 hours a day
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