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Another New Toy: Aliph Jawbone

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by , 03-07-2008 at 12:50 AM (1074 Views)
After doing a ton of research and trying to find a good Bluetooth headset I have settled on the Aliph Jawbone. I was really impressed with the packaging.

Here are some pics.

The package includes:
4 Earbuds, 4 Earloops, Wall Charger and USB Cable. Also Instruction Book

I've played around with the fit and the other Earbuds don't seem to fit my ear very well. The standard one is the only one that likes my ear. The alternative ones are tear drop shaped and were uncomfortable for me.

The Earloops came in two different sizes (Large and Small) for the Left and the Right. I'm still playing around for the best fit. I have ordered some Jabra EarGels so hopefully they will help with the fit. I will update when they arrive.

Pairing was a piece of cake and the Handsfree works well with my BB Curve. I have yet to experience any issues with the Noise Shield Technology. As most reviews have said wind is the only thing it will not shield. I need to further test this as time goes by.

Overall I'm very happy with this headset. I will update as I get more experience with this.

UPDATE: 5-13-08

So after a few months of using this little guy I have found that the Ear Loops to be basically useless for my ears. Pretty uncomfortable and more of a pain. I did purchase some Jabra Ear Gels after seeing some users having better fit issues when using those. Also did not help. I found them also uncomfortable and more of a pain.

My solution came down to the simplest thing. After digging through my gadget drawer I can across my iPod box. Looking through it I found the little foamy pieces you stick on the earbuds. Perfect!!! I stuck one of those on and now it fits and doesn't irritate my ear. The fit was fine with out them, but it just made it a bit more comfortable for me. It was a free and easy fit.

From time to time a get a bit of static but it's nothing worth talking about. The volume is great, and for the most part I have to turn it down so i don't lose my hearing.

The noise cancellation isn't as cool as it seemed when compared to the demonstration on their website. It does kill off a lot of the ambient noise in the background but nothing like the demos. If you're in a loud place, just forget about even attempting to use it. Bars, Clubs, etc. Although I doubt you would ever use this or any other headset at these places.

Overall this would get a 9 out of 10 from me. It's a sweet little headset. Can't beat it for the price range comparing with other headsets.

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