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Google Maps Latitude, The Next Stage In Social Networking

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by , 02-08-2009 at 11:51 PM (688 Views)
Google Latitude, the next in social decide! With the launch of Google maps we all noticed and it seemed like a lot of us were anxious to find out more.

After downloading it, and signing into latitude i realized that this has the potential of being more than just seing where your friends are at. It seemed to me to be an incomplete thought. Seemed to me that there is more to come. Why just find out where your friends are, and what they are doing....and that's all?

I remember hearing last year that some developers were planning on making an application where you can keep up with friends, update status, upload pictures, setting away and available settings. It all sounded just like something that google was thinking of doin as well.

I can't wait for the next release of google. It seems insane for google to stop here when they could be taking over the world like they have been doing slowly but surely. Imagine a world where you've mixed something like myspace/facebook, with twitter, and a mapping program (not only to get directions and search locations but to see where your friends are)....what do you have....You have the ultimate social networking experience on steriods. Move over Barry Bonds, and A Rod, because this would make it look like all you've been using was protein suppliments.

Of course not only would you find this application on the blackberry devices but on all android devices, and the iphone, maybe palm (if they can revive themselves with the PRE)...

So I ask you one more time....Google latitude, next stage of social netowrking????