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BBM5 downloads,BBM5 Video Review

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by , 07-28-2009 at 11:06 PM (16931 Views)
This Video Goes Over What U Need To Install The New BBM,What To Do To Install Another Carriers Os,Overview of the new BBM and Some of the options and things u can do a lil diff from old

Video Links - just download and run only for window users as macs dont do exe's

Desktop Download BBM 5.0 – Desktop Installer .ZIP (For All OS’s)

OTA’s BBM 5.0 (For 4.7/Storm) – English Only BBM 5.0 (For 4.7.1/Tour) – English Only BBM 5.0 (For 4.5/Curve) – English Only BBM 5.0 (For 4.6/Bold) – English Only BBM 5.0 (For 4.6.1/Javelin) – English Only BBM 5.0 (For 5.0/All) – English Only BBM 5.0 (For 5.1/Storm2) – English Only BBM 5.0 (For 4.7/Storm) – All Languages BBM 5.0 (For 4.7.1/Tour) – All Languages BBM 5.0 (For 4.5/Curve) – All Languages BBM 5.0 (For 4.6/Bold) – All Languages BBM 5.0 (For 4.6.1/Javelin) – All Languages BBM 5.0 (For 5.0/All) – All Languages BBM 5.0 (For 5.1/Storm2) – All Languages

latest os versions -

The 4.5/Curve version also appears to work for the Pearl 8100 and 8800 series, so if you own one of these BlackBerry devices and want to try BBM 5.0 make sure this is the one you download and not any other version. It is also important to remember that you need a minimum OS of, but having the latest OS definitely helps

when i did the install part in the video that was for pearl/curve users

again sorry for the wind its from my fan and for how it sounds like when i speak at times..

some flag codes also rem for symbols email

for the bbm flag codes just email

*AG* *AL* *AM* *AN* *AO* *AR* *AT* *AW* *AZ* *BA* *BB* BD* *BE* *BF* *BG* *BH* *BI* *BJ* *BM* *BN* *BO* *BR* *BS* *BT* *BW* *BY* *BZ* *CD* *CF* *CG* *CH* *CI* *CK* *CL* *CM* *CN* *CO* *CR* *CS* *CU* *CV* *CY* *CZ* *DE* *DJ* *DK* *DM* *DO* *DZ* *EC* *EE* *EG* *ES* *ET* *FI* *FJ* *FK* *FM* *FO* *FR* *GA* *GD* *GE* *GH* *GI* *GL* *GM* *GN* *GQ* *GR* *GT* *GW* *GY* *HK* *HN* *HR* *HT* *HU* *ID* *IE* *IL* *IN* *IQ* *IR* *IS* *IT* *JM* *JO* *JP* *KE* *KG* *KH* *KI* *KM* *KN* *KP* *KR* *KW* *KY* *KZ* *LA* *LB* *LK* *LR* *LS* *LU* *LV* *LY* *MA* *MC* *MD* *MG* *MK* *ML* *MM* *MN* *MO* *MO* *MR* *MS* *MT* *MU* *MV* *MW* *MX* *MY* *MZ* *NA* *NC* *NE* *NG* *NI* *NL* *NZ* *OM* *PA* *PE* *PF* *PG* *PH* *PK* *PL* *PM* *PR* *PT* *PW* *PY* *QA* *RE* *RO* *RU* *RW* *SA* *SB* *SC* *SD* *SE* *SG* *SI* *SK* *SL* *SM* *SN* *SO* *SR* *ST* *SV* SY* *SZ* *TC* *TD* *TG* *TH* *TJ* *TM* *TN* *TO* *TR* *TT* *TW* *TZ* *UA* *UG* *UK* *UY* *UZ* *VC* *VE* *VG* *VN* *VU* *WS* *YE* *ZA* *ZM* *ZW* *AM* *AN* *BZ* *BB* *VC* *SD* *MM* *TR* *UY* *RE* *GH* *LK* *CV* *BN* *IT* *QA* *WS* *SZ* *KM* *CF* *VG*


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  1. 973bbcurve8330 -
    973bbcurve8330's Avatar
    great help on those links updated my tour and my wife's curve too thanks
  2. brianjr1988 -
    brianjr1988's Avatar
    good 2 see u got it goin an hope u like it
  3. promise309 -
    promise309's Avatar
    thank u thank u thank u.
    i got the new messenger w/ no problems whatsoever.
  4. brianjr1988 -
    brianjr1988's Avatar
    no prob