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by , 05-15-2009 at 11:58 AM (593 Views)

well that app there is pretty nice does a few good features as listed below

1. Vibrate when outgoing call was connect.
2. Set the vibrate time by yourself.
3. Get a voice notify when call was disconnect by other side.
4. User can set the voice volume.
5. You can quickly create new calendar when calling was disconnect.
6. Friendly, easy to use software designed by people for people.
7. Show address list when use "add to exist address".
8. Show address field select dialog when use "add to exist address".
9. "Add to address book" funciton. you can create a new address form Phone log, Message, and the will show field select dialog(like Home, Work, Mobile, PIN etc.)

with that inmind anyone who used this in the past will know of the bug of when a battery pull was done or softreset was done/quick pull the program would stop working and u would have to reinstall it or go into app settings and turn them to deny and restart the device and enable it well the maker got on top of this program and fixed the bug....after 40emails bein sent about the prob lol joke but ya good that he fixed it after months of me tryin to contact him

also i give this program a 10/10 so give it a try