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Quick links to the most common help issues.

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by , 12-10-2008 at 11:36 PM (2222 Views)
Here is a list of the links I most commonly use when helping others. Thanks to each Stacker who's threads I have linked to.

How to Install or Upgrade Your Device

List of Operating Systems by Carrier

How To: Reinstall OS When Computer Won't Recognize The Device Is Connected

How To: Use JL_Cmder to Wipe A BlackBerry Guide by LavaGirl

Blackberry Desktop Manager

How to clean uninstall Desktop Manager

Possible Solution: "Error During Multi Stage Load Operation"

Blackberry Error Codes

How To: Resolve Random Reboots after Upgrading OS with Media Card in Device Thanks To Rogro.

Trackball Cleaning and Disassembly w/ PICTURES

How To: Stop Disappearing SMS/MMS/E-mail/Call Logs

HOW TO: Run Application Loader when the BlackBerry device does not connect

Syncing Blackberry with Mac

Here you will find a list of threads to the latest official operating systems by device. With thanks to lavagirl

Latest Official OS for 71xx Series

Latest Official OS for Pearl 8100 & 8110

Latest Official OS for Pearl 8120

Latest Official OS for Pearl 8130

Latest Official OS for Pearl 8220

Latest Official 8300 & 8310 OS

Latest Official Curve 8320 OS

Latest Official OS for Curve 8330

Latest Official OS for 87xx Series

Latest Official OS for 8800 & 8820

Latest Official OS for 8830

Latest Official OS for Bold 9000

Here is a list of unofficial BETA release threads thanks to azstar. Recommended for the more experienced ADDICTS.

8100, 8110 4.5 Beta Discussion Thread

8120 4.5 Beta Discussion Thread

8130 4.5 Beta Discussion thread

8220 4.6 Beta Discussion Thread

8300, 8310 4.5 Beta Discussion Thread

8320 4.5 Beta Discussion Thread

8330 4.5 Beta Discussion Thread

8800, 8820 4.5 Beta Discussion Thread

8830 4.5 Beta Discussion Thread

Storm Beta Discussion Thread

Please remember if you decide you want to try a beta version you assume all risk. Beta versions have not been cleared by RIM and if you happen to make a mistake or have a bad load you may not be covered by your carrier and you take the chance of bricking your device beyond repair.

Theme Posting Guidelines

PinStack Rules and Guidelines

BlackBerry FAQ and Guides

PinStack Trust Level

Stack Level (PinStack membership organization explained)

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  1. luciferseamus -
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    modern, you are AMAZING!!
    thank you for all of this wonderful info!!
    I'm going to link to this in my signature if you don't mind.
    thanks again man!!
  2. moderncowboy -
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    Cleaned it up a little and add a couple of links.