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How To: Use JL_Cmder to Wipe A BlackBerry

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by , 02-09-2008 at 12:00 AM (72191 Views)
For many of you Stackers that have heard of JL_Cmder but aren't really sure how to
use the program to wipe your BlackBerry, I've created this tutorial with screenshots
to guide you as we get asked all the time by our new Stackers and hopefully this will
make the process a lot easier for you

Download the software here:
JL_Cmder 1.9.0

Once you have installed the file to your desktop be sure to run and complete the install.
You will now see this icon on your desktop - Double left click it to run the program, be sure your BB is connected via USB cable to your PC:

First screen that opens up looks like this:

As indicated, Press any key to continue

Next screen you will see is this one:

Type in Y or N depending on your BB and hit the Enter key.
If your device does lock with a password then you will type a Y and hit the Enter key and it will give you this screen:

Here you enter your password. If you don't lock your BB with a password, then type N and hit the Enter key in the previous screenshot prompt and you will be taken to the following screen:

Here you will type number 4 and hit the Enter key and will be taken to this scary looking screen - don't panic just keep going. You are sure you want to completely wipe your BB right?

Here you will type a Y and hit the Enter key.

The next screen I didn't capture, because I didn't feel like wiping "my" BB right now
This screen will ask you to type in the word "Blackberry"
(without the quotation marks).
Do that, and your BlackBerry is now completely Wiped and ready for a new OS install!

You will see your screen go black and the red led on top flash and when the screen comes back up you should have a circle with a black line through it with an App error 507 in the middle.
This means you have no OS installed and have successfully wiped your device!

Good luck and I hope this helps all our new Stackers out!
And maybe even some of the old ones


Thread can be found on the forums Here

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  1. kingg_gong -
    kingg_gong's Avatar
    great info!
    help me fixed my bb jvm error 102.
    thank you lavagirl.
  2. Natox -
    Natox's Avatar
    Does this wipes any info on the SD Card ?
  3. bsjmcconnell -
    bsjmcconnell's Avatar
    No, using JL CMNDR will only wipe your handheld, it will not wipe any info stored on your MICRO SD can re-format the card if you wish to start anew on your external memory!
  4. kvncm -
    kvncm's Avatar
    i did this and the error shows up but the blackberry itself isnt connecting with my DM
  5. bsjmcconnell -
    bsjmcconnell's Avatar
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