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Another Kona sunset...

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by , 02-04-2008 at 05:16 AM (2088 Views)
Coming home after a long day at work
I think about how tired I am and want to
just lay down and sleep for hours.

Then I look up into the sky and see the most
beautiful sight and I realize that I see a sunset here
almost every day and what an amazing blessing it
is to be given another day to see just one more.

I took this with my Curve ~ another amazing little

Aloha from Hawaii my Stack friends...



  1. ssnxp -
    ssnxp's Avatar
    Yea, that's pretty gorgeous. I miss the summer, even in California it isn't fun to go the the beach during the winter. I remember having bonfires almost every week during the summer of '07, I miss seeing views like this one.

    Awesome shot.
  2. jaysun930 -
    jaysun930's Avatar
    wow, that is a great picture
  3. hanzo808 -
    hanzo808's Avatar
    Aloha Lavagirl, how do you take such a nice picture with your curve. Mine aren't even close.
  4. Lavagirl -
    Lavagirl's Avatar
    I got lucky that day with my Curve. I was pretty amazed at the quality.